The Solution: Why Blockchain?

Prior to the existence of blockchain technology, Almost every structure of our entertainment, educational, and financial systems has always been controlled by a centralized entity in a way that did not equitably administer power to the people who made up a majority of these ecosystems. All though some things are better off centralized, the above-mentioned in reality are not. Many projects have succeeded in asserting new software in these particular fields that have changed the landscape, and BRToken aims to be among them. Our Platform and set of tools will forever change the way gamers earn income. We plan to provide a fair playing field for all gamers, enabling them to earn big without any requirements other than just being great at gaming. A decentralized gaming tournament platform will promote inclusivity globally while providing high rewards due to its permission-less nature. That means anyone in the world that wants to participate in high earning tournaments does not need a letter of approval or an invite from big esports teams to do so. The requirements are simple : BRToken!

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