BRToken (BRTK) Information

  • Max Supply: 10,000,000,000 BRTK

  • Decimal: 18

  • Token: BEP20

  • Total Supply 10% of max supply(1,000,000,000 BRTK)

BRToken(BRTK) Contract Address:



BRToken Staking Contract Address:



-Marketing - 12.5%

Tokens will be used to drive the awareness of BRToken. Such as establishing partnerships with brands, influencers, community builders and contributors. A large percentage of the tokens will be locked and vested prior to the end of our fair community distribution.

Original Marketing Fund Address: 0xd2C1293f5559736B2759391b262A20275d845300 Locked Marketing Fund Address : 0xeEA1dc7AE775d25c39c9315B03d7C49092a4C7e2

-Locked for 365 days and vested over 12 months with 25% of total fund available every 3 months - subject to burn / utilized for marketing if required and must pass governance votes.

Available Marketing Fund Address : 0x38894c454c425273425db6B8e40C06a7f74bB5dF

-BRToken Platform Developers Fund - 15%

Address : 0x9c1546Af278f5e66b953318B1D17e54B71703915

-Team, Advisors Fund - 10%

Allocated Tokens will be locked post a successful main-net launch prior to the end of the fair community distribution ; for a minimum of 180 days and then vested for another 12 months to further incentivize the growth and development of the platform.

Address: 0x2Ca91f02747d139b228DfF8e35B8D02aa276C93a


100,000,000 BRTK Successfully locked Vesting contract address :

Transaction Details :

Customer Acquisition / Liquidity Provision 10%

Address: 0xf999eddd6196e204daca04fc1f88930061057e3e

- IDO - 2.5% BRTK/BNB PAIRING Address : 0xFf4C97C05c210cc8C00148dC59902526137658F9

UPDATE : remainder of ido tokens burned

-Fair Community Distribution - 50% BRTK/BUSD PAIRING

Address : 0xaa21b839c575f2cb6d7b040a170161fe6829ceb8

-Unissued Tokens (90% of MAX SUPPLY)

Unissued or "yet to be minted" tokens will be issued through a reward system from staking BRTK and Liquidity Providers on our Staking Dapp and Amm Dapp over the next 100 + years MINIMUM.

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