Introduction - overview

In a world of Gaming, Streaming, and Esports competition Leagues, there's a huge disparity between the top notable gamers and those who are just as great but never get a chance to showcase their talents. Platforms like Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter all have one thing in common: Profiting off their creators' hard work without giving them a fair share of profits from the billions of dollars they make through gaming content. Blockchain Technology is the one true presently available solution. This technology enables us to solve these issues in multiple ways and in various markets. BRToken has chosen one of these paths. Our Platform will enable talented gamers from all parts of the world to participate in high rewarding competitions using BRToken. It provides participants a fair playing field to earn because of their talents and the content they create, not because of some algorithm they'll have to hack. Therefore the path is clear.

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