Automated Market Maker.

Providing liquidity and minting BRTK tokens

Liquidity Providers can earn BRToken (BRTK) by locking in liquidity on the platform.

Per the roadmap for 2021, our main goals are straightforward. For the project to thrive as projected, there are a few critical components: the most important being liquidity.

Our automated market maker platform for stable coins will allow us to strengthen our liquidity without the risk of inflation by incentivizing Liquidity Providers (LP) to lock in tokens for a set period. This simple function will enable us to grow the project further and attract more interest. Yes, BRToken is a gaming project first. Still, our vision is to create an eco-system that will enable multiple revenue streams and incentivize our users to take full advantage of the various products & platforms that will be available to them. One can decide to earn BRTK, Stake it to gain more BRTK, participate or speculate in tournaments with BRTK, Provide liquidity on the staking Dapp and also on the AMM platform to earn more all in one giant eco-system.

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