The Problem

Let's give credit where credit is due: Esports Leagues has had a massive impact in legitimizing gaming as a way to make a living. Just five years ago, if a teen were to tell their parents that they want to be a gamer, well, that wouldn't have gone so well. Fast forward to today; it's common for young people to take gaming seriously and put in enough time and work to consider it as a career path. The problem with this scenario is that unless you are part of a top-tier esports team or a known famous streamer with thousands of supporters and viewers, it makes it a lot harder to make a living with gaming than one might think. One of the issues is that a majority of the high-earning competitions have been based around a small number of professional esports teams.

That in itself says a lot when you consider that hundreds of thousands of young people are now looking to make a living from gaming.

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